Me-Too Movement: Support survivors and end sexual violence is the message -Dr. Shubhra Parmar

Me-Too Movement: Support survivors and end sexual violence is the message

By-Dr. Shubhra Parmar 

Me-Too movement is a way of expression to express one’s personal views. The Me-Too movement is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault by men targeting women. Me-Too movement is gaining momentum in India. This movement is the silence breaker, consciousness riser about rights, dignity and economic existence without sexual misconduct, sexual harassment & assault and exploitation in work places. Through this movement women are demanding men’s dignified behaviour with women and women would like to change the mentality of the men. It is the positive and progressive step towards liberal and transparent society.

Whatever is going on these days in India is the result of courage that women collectively brought together to express themselves. This Me-Too movement brought the fourth wave of feminist movement in India, where women are using electronic media to express their views openly without fear.  It gives a better opportunity for women to speak up about frustration, emotional distress, hidden fears, psychological upsets, internal agony and unimaginable horrifying stories.

There are many stories related with ‘speak out’ movement which are revealing and unfolding the truth. It should not be stop here. It will definitely spread out in a big way and change the conservative and patriarchal mentality of the society.

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Nowadays, sexual harassment is not only limited to works place but it spread out in local centers, Facebook, Instagram, social networking sites and work places etc. Since last few years we have got so many laws, amendments, acts are there, for example Vishakha Guidelines, Sexual Harassment of women at work place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act, 2013, but Me-Too movement is most effective and prompt movement, method and tool for spontaneous, easy, effective response for sexual harassment allegation and its clarification. This movement created a difference between theory and practice. After this movement the perception and action-reaction of the women and other people in the society have changed a lot. This movement revolutionized all the people, places, media, journalism, academics, and modelling-fashion & film industry.

Till now only the educated class, urban class women connects themselves with this movement. There is lack of representation in illiterate groups, Labour class, women farmers, minority groups and marginalized section of society. They are still feeling aloof from this kind of revolution. This movement should be used as a medium and platform through which the justification and clarification should come from both the genders.

Even the males should come forward and give their justification of their’ innocence’. Otherwise people should think that they are genuinely guilty in so and so case. Every woman should support the movement in every possible way and come forward to give and gain strength to another woman. So that this world will become a beautiful place to live in for every women in contemporary society.

The role, support and decision of the Indian judiciary system, police, politicians and women NGOs, National Commission for women and Ministry of women and child development will always matter a lot in this context.

This Me-Too movement created challenges for women too.On one side the movement has generated praise and other way criticism. It gives way towards support from women to women and women with men working together for change in future. It proved a powerful movement because it gives a thought for men and women to re- examine our behaviour, thought patterns and treatment given to each other.

(The writer is Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bhagini Nivedita College, University of Delhi)