We would reach you from below details!!!

1. The data that shall be given to the clients in this section will be in same working pattern of the company's norms.
2. The data that shall be demanded should not break any legal clauses of Indian government, if indicated any shall be authorized from the responsible organization's permission to proceed.
3. The capital to procure the data shall be discussed between both parties and after agreed upon a certain amount shall be delivered in two parts, one in advance and one after the work is handed over.
4. If in any case the capital requires shall exceed than expected, the client should provide the requisite amount to proceed with the work.
5. The time limit and human resource that will be required to get the job done shall be discussed prior to making the agreement and our organization shall be penaltied upon if the time limit exceeds.
6. The penalty amount shall not include the advance repayment.
7. If dissatisfied with the data provided, the client can make us re-do some parts of data retrieving or classification again and without pay.
8. The source of information shall be underlined under the data table, and can be verified by the client for any legal questioning or business purposes.

1. Unclassified data:
this type of data shall be without any changes from our side and won't be classified, unless its classifoed beforehand. the payment of unclassified data shall jus for research from human resource end plus company profits.
2. Classified data:
this will have timeline classification or any type of classification demanded from the client and within the terms and conditions of the agreement the payment of classified data shall be for research, classification from human resource or software and company profits.
3. Classified and predicted graph data:
this will be higher at cost and shall not be taken into account for any precise information, this will require the client to set an error percentage before work proceeds.