Back Pain: X-rays and MRIs not enough

Back Pain: X-rays and MRIs not enough says Spine Specialists

DSA: A New test for Back Pain has helped 8000 people avoid surgery

There is good news for those suffering from severe Back Pain & Neck Pain; Medical researchers from Germany have made advances in developing very accurate spine function tests which are now being used extensively by leading spine specialists across the world.

Its called the Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) and its a spine function test that can accurately identify the weak areas in the back & neck. This useful test can help doctors develop a more targeted treatment plan. Its is non-invasive and takes just 30 min. Its like a stress test for the back and is considered the safest and most effective way to diagnose the root cause of pain in the Spine. It has helped us prevent many surgeries”, says Dr. Garima Anandani, Clinical Director, QI Spine Clinic.

How a Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) can help

The Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) is a gold standard in Spine Function Testing and is being used in the leading Spine institutes across the world. It is considered more accurate because it performs a functional analysis of the spine. The mechanical structure of the back is measured on different motion sensitive devices across parameters like – strength, mobility, and balance, to identify the muscle groups which are causing pain.

In over 85% of back pain cases the root cause of the problem lies in the soft tissue or muscle that protects the Spine. The bones, disc and nerves in your spine are protected by a load bearing network of muscles. The soft muscle tissue carries 70% of the weight of your back, only 30% is borne by your bones. When your muscle tissue is unable to support your back, your bones are forced to take additional load and that’s where the problem begins.

85% of Imaging tests like MRI & Xrays are unnecessary

It is common for most doctors to advise imaging tests like MRI or X-ray to determine the cause of back pain. These are useful if your problem is due to a structural issue in the spine. But, most back pain cases are mechanical in nature. In such cases, imaging tests like MRI & X-rays fail to show you the complete picture.

He was advised surgery after his Slipped Disc

Atul Chandiya was suffering from back and neck pain for last ten years. He had stiffness and pain in his neck and upper back which completely restricted his upper body movement. Over a period of time the pain got worse and he was detected with a slipped disc (Disc Bulge at L5-S1 with Sciatica), Lumbarisation and C3-C7 Osteophytes. He was not able to sit for 20-30 minutes at a stretch and had sleepless nights. In these years he visited leading orthopedics in the city, he was admitted in hospital twice for four to five days, was given heavy dosage of pain killers and conventional physiotherapy but there was no benefit.

Little did he know that painkillers, bed rest and conventional physiotherapy do not work to reverse the root cause of back pain. They can give only temporary relief.

A Spine Specialists at QI Spine Clinic was able to diagnose the cause of Atul’s back pain after the DSA test was done. The test report clearly showed the exact areas that were weak and and how weak they were. After four weeks of precise and targeted treatment his symptoms reversed, function restored and he is now completely pain free. There was never any need for surgery.

Where is this test available?

QI Spine Clinic are the first to bring this technology to India. Their advanced technology and treatment has helped over 8000+ patients avoid spine surgery. QI Spine Clinic is located in 22 locations across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore.