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Microstat India – Gateway to Indian Statistics

this web page Reliable and quality statistics is a pre-requisite for Socio-Economic Research, Business Planning, Media Reporting and Public Policy Formulation. Statistical resources should be authentic, reliable and user friendly to aid researchers and policy makers in drawing right conclusions besides saving time and effort.

Microstat was conceived in 2011with the aim of building a comprehensive Socio-Economic database on India, divided into specific sectors and sub-sectors. This database covering 42 major sectors of India is one of the most exhaustive statistical resources available in the country. Socio-Economic data, both historical and current, have been derived from authentic sources of the government of India and its agencies. The datasets have been analyzed and condensed into user-friendly sector-wise tables by our team of researchers and experts.

Registration is necessary to access the datasets available in this website. The registration is open to all and on-payment basis. The various subscription options and the modes of payment are available in the Membership/Register section and the data can be viewed/ downloaded depending on the type of plan subscribed by the user. The short term plans are for one-year or a fixed number of downloads, whichever is earlier, and would require a renewal of the plan after the end of the subscription period. The long-term plans are for five years and are available only for Institutions, Universities, Media and Corporate Sectors. Reports and policies of the government and its agencies, however, can be downloaded by non-members and don’t require registration. Interested people can also submit their articles to microstatindia@gmail.com for publication in this platform. Microstat has plans to undertake commissioned research and consultancy services in the future and to start its own E-Journal. At Microstat we strive for quality and precision. Our team of experts and researchers take great care and put every effort in digging statistical resources so that the users have access to ready to use and reliable statistics on India.

We welcome your opinion and suggestions aimed at enriching this platform and to make it more user-friendly as a one-stop statistical resource on India.