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Guest Column

Veda and Yoga are One: Dr. David Frawley

Some misinformed scholars today tell us that Veda and Yoga are different, that Yoga is pre-Vedic, Buddhist, anything, but Hindu, though all main Yoga groups in modern times follow traditions and practices based in the Hindu tradition. This idea reflects their inability to connect Yo...

Guest Column

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: AYODHYA AND JERUSALEM- Balbir PunjBoth Ayodhya and Jerusalem, located in two different parts of the globe, have a lot in common in terms of travails and the trauma they have suffered at the hands of successive invaders, who claimed divine inspiration from their respective religious texts while repeatedly sacking the ancient cities.


What is the best solution to the Kashmir problem?

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Inflation (WPI) 6.1% (August 2013)
Inflation (CPI) 9.52% (August 2013)
IIP 2.6% (July 2013)
Manufacturing 3.0% (July 2013)
Forex reserves $276.264 billion (27 September 2013
GDP 5% (2012-13)
Fiscal deficit 4.89% (2012-13)
Export $300.6 billion (2012-13)
Import $491.48 billion (2012-13)
CAD 4.9% of GDP (April-June 2013)
FDI $22.4 billion (2012-13)
FII $26 billion (2012-13)
Population 1,210,193,422 (2011)


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